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The GreenStory Group is comprised of owners and stakeholders, each of whom have been entrepreneurs for over 40 years. The company, characteristic of its individual owners, is always continuing to pursue opportunistic endeavors to expand its products and services in the interest of growing its foundation and customer base.


The owners bring a very diverse array of business experiences to the company with an ever-present focus on doing business with the utmost level of integrity. Areas of experience and the founding of companies by the owners include but are not limited to:

  • trucking and logistics

  • electronics manufacturing

  • consumer products research and development

  • general manufacturing

  • commercial and industrial construction

  • government and military contract specialization

  • commercial and industrial sales and new business development

  • manufacturer’s representation, product merchandising and new business development in major retail

  • real estate development

  • multi-channel distribution

  • software development

  • heavy equipment international distribution



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Roy Scharrer

Director - Industrial/MRO


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All of the products we represent are proudly made in the USA

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